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Thank you for checking out Give Us Notes! The purpose of this website is to create an environment where improvisers can connect with coaches and other improvisers in their area.   At some point, most of us have been on a team and thought "we need a coach". But how do you find one? The funny part is there are a lot of talented coaches out there looking to share their improv knowledge and expertise.  You just need to find them.  So, Give Us Notes was born.  As the site took life, we thought why not open it up to all aspects of the improv community.  The site shouldn't just focus on improv teams and coaches, 

it should be a place where anyone can sign up, find other improvisers in their area, find a coach, find a rehearsal space, etc.  So, we created the site to be open and flexible much like improv itself.  You don't have to live in a "certain" city to be a part of the network. You don't have to be "invited" to join.   Give Us Notes is open to every improviser from anywhere in the world.   Thank you again and happy connecting! 
P.S. does not endorse anyone on this site. All users are responsible for themselves. Also, always, always, always take caution when meeting strangers.

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